Blocked and reported

If you're a standard, garden-variety millennial (so, born sometime between 1981 - 1995), you've likely been raised on platforms that favor mostly pro-social "interactions":

* Like (Most "pro-social")
* Follow
* Fav
* Comment
* Retweet
* Share
* Post (Least "pro-social")

In the real world -- aka, interacting with human beings outside of a computer screen -- there are forms of "anti"-social (or maybe the right word is "adversarial") behavior that can be used to express disdain for someone or something, from 1:1 disagreements (you're my friend and I tell you I'm disappointed in you) to 1:many disagreements (tarring and feathering someone publicly because he/she couldn't pay his/her debt).

We're now in an era where it's even rude to "unfollow" or even "mute" someone on social media. There are entire cottage industries of apps that track this. 

I think the Internet will go down as one of the top 5 things we've created as humans. One has to wonder, though, that if during the commodification of the Internet in the last 20 years, and the emphasis on collaborative, pro-social UI interactions on major platforms, we've somehow lost a way to express disagreement with each other online in a way that doesn't feel weirdly passive-aggressive. And the lack of a hard "dislike" button has given rise to cancel culture, which as mob-driven as it is still might be a better alternative to the horrible shit we did through history to people we didn't like.

Who knows. Until then, I'll just block you.